Hello world!

Teachers and students arrived at SHC last week eager to begin the 2012-13 school year, especially the incoming frosh.  Surrounded by so many inventive and caring colleagues, and in the midst of catalytic strategies in education, I am looking forward to becoming “elbows deep in the learning” quickly.  I titled this blog, “Learningyre,” because teachers and students so often spiral between big ideas and specific experiences, between cognitive patterns and dissonance, between the left brain and the right, between individual and social learning. And I began the blog as a way to encourage myself toward a more reflective practice, particularly as an administrator so often caught in the eddies of paperwork.  I also began the blog to explore the use of social media in learning and to model creative fluency online, following a rich experience at this summer’s ISTE conference.  Teaching remains for me a purposeful conversation, with one’s self and with the world, though educational technology has exploded our vocabulary.  Blogging seems a logical strategy to extend learning’s essential responsibility to share knowledge.  As this is an accreditation year, SHC too is toggling between defining big questions such as, “What is our ‘why?'” and accomplishing immediate tasks, such as teaching students in 2013 to create and curate (not merely consume) digital knowledge.  I am looking forward to sharing the results of more differentiated professional development, as SHC learning teams craft their own goals and criteria for success for the coming year, since from passion comes purpose.  I hope to share details of new classroom designs and integration of NETS, evidence of more visual thinking and open network tests, of teachers calibrating the difference between empowering and entitling students, of students falling in love with novels and discovering themselves in scientific inquiry.  But mostly, through this blog and this year, I seek to learn first and teach second.


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